Meet the Founder

of Common Courtesy Kids

Meet the Founder

Alissa Regitz, founder of Common Courtesy Kids, brings her passion and a caring personal presence to her instruction of young people in etiquette skills. Alissa’s educational field experience is diverse, ranging from the high school, middle school and preschool classroom.

After graduating from Meredith College (Raleigh, NC) with a degree in Family and Consumer Science education, it didn’t take long for Alissa to discover her enjoyment and satisfaction in equipping young people with essential life skills.

Any teacher can tell you from firsthand experience the difference good manners makes in the life of any age student. Having good social skills is about feeling confident with yourself and knowing how to make those around you comfortable too.

Alissa is a wife, and mother of three teenage sons. She is not about perfection, but rather about purpose and progress for showing a respectful attitude in all you say and do for yourself and for others.

Children are more receptive to etiquette training when it comes from a non-parental figure.”  

-International School of Protocal